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At this stage, we don't know you personally so we can't tell whether our programmes are right for you but if you have a listen to our podcasts, take a watch of our YouTube channels, read a few blogs we hope that you get a good feeling from working with us. You will then be able to judge for yourself whether we are people you'd like to do business with. We hope you do but please make your own mind up based on your knowledge of choosing suppliers. We look forward to hearing from you with any questions you may have. We don't consider ourselves as very good at 'selling' so you certainly won't feel any pressure to buy! You will also be in control of the process every step of the way.

Blogs / Podcasts

How to increase your Resilience Skills

Jo Cameron talks to award winning business owner Emlyn Evans. As a family owned farming business Squab has evolved into ‘Mover of the Year' in 2017. The story about a whole years worth of crops being destroyed is devastating in as much as it’s an inspiration. 

How to De-stress in the Workplace

Take a listen to our podcasts, brought to you from the RedMane HalfWay Hut

the myth of keeping your head down

in this podcast we chat about the benefits of moving your head at work and on the golf course

how to quiet your chatterbox

There are some skills that you can learn to stop your overthinking