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Lacking Confidence in yourself?

Are you a person who lacks confidence and self esteem? Have you got some things coming up this week that are making you nervous? This podcast with award winning company owner Emlyn Evans tells how he dealt with a years' worth of crops ruined overnight by a hail storm. Emlyn was a super guest

Lacking confidence in yourself and needing a boost

Have you got a difficult week coming up? Are you struggling with confidence issues? Struggling to fit everything in? In the podcast Jo and Julian discuss how to simplify your life and work by focusing on the 'process' rather than longer term goals, which can seem to future focused and unattainable. 

Been Working too hard? Feel like giving up?

Life can be hard sometimes can't it? Have you been trying too hard? Golf can also be a frustrating game. Having you been hitting lots of balls and not making any progress? If you are feeling like you have been working hard and not getting anywhere have a listen to this gentle podcast