About Us

Who we are

The RedMane Leadership and Management Development Centre is based at Ardencote, Warwickshire. Soon to be married Jo Cameron and Julian Mellor have creatively joined their respective skills to create a unique blend of golf & business solutions. They met ten years ago when Jo went to learn to play golf. Jo has an MA in Leadership and people come from all over the world for golf coaching with Julian

What do we do?

We use the game of golf to help you with Leadership Development and Team Building. We've also set up the invitation only 1st Tee Directors Club for those people who don't play golf often or want to learn. With our unique and exclusive access to the 83 acres of Warwickshire golf course it's your dream 'outdoor classroom. Whatever you would like, we can do it! If golf is most certainly not your thing, don't worry we can cater for you too. 

What our clients say

100% of clients said "Yes" they would recommend us to a friend

90% of our clients return at least a second time. We are consistently rated 10 / 10 by delegates for usefulness, learning outcomes, facilitation and enjoyment. Our clients say that they get loads of value from our programmes and they like us because we are 'different'.

Corporate Banking - What did they think?

What I really liked about the day was EVERYTHING" - Corporate Banking Delegate 

Our client list

Where does the name RedMane come from?

The name RedMane relates to the colour of Jo and Julian's hair which was once a lot redder than it is now. Lions are also very auspicious in many cultures so we like the play on words. We hope you like it.

Professional Backgrounds

Distinction for Masters Degree

Jo achieved a Distinction for her extensive thesis on Leadershio from a top ranking UK University. She was then very quickly snapped up to teach on the MBA and MA programmes.

Former BBC Broadcaster

In 2006 Jo appeared on a TV Show called The Apprentice. This led to her having her own breakfast show and presenting on BBC Radio. She has also appeared on many TV shows including winning £11000 for charity on The Weakest Link, Loose Women, The BBC Politics Show and lots of times on BBC News shows.

Engineering and Background

Before running her own company, Jo worked in the motor industry on wide-scale automotive leadership programmes. She also held several positions in Sales and Marketing, HR and Communications. She also set up a UK Wide Business Women's Network and created an series of Awards event to recognise the achievements of women. 

700 000 YouTube Views

Julian is one of only a handful of PGA Professionals who are licensed to coach a golf system called the Easiest Swing in Golf which is taking the golfing world by storm. 

All over the world

People come from all over the world for coaching with Julian. You can view his YouTube Channel here. During the Summer of 2017 alone we had guests from USA, Sweden, Belgium, France, Domican Republic, Hong Kong, Barbados and Ireland plus many others 

Winning Film Festivals

Julian's passion for the history of golf led to him winning the Warwick Film Festival with his film about Jack Burns. You can watch it here