Imagine 84 acres as your classroom

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About Us

Our Experience

Based at Ardencote, the 4*countryside Golf Hotel and Spa we have the unique and exclusive use of the golf course for your Warwickshire Team events and Leadership Training Programmes. Together Jo Cameron and Julian Mellor have decades of experience in their respective disciplines of Leadership and Golf, which combine cleverly into a highly unique range of programmes. 

Our Approach

Our service includes a comprehensive consultation to see where we can help you best. We can help identify gaps and opportunities and put together a comprehensive plan for you which includes costs and key outcomes. That’s how we ensure you always have a successful intervention.

Why Us?

People come to us because they say that they love that we are 'different'. They say they love the fresh air and the unique way that golf can bring business skils to life. They say they trust us to do a really good job and that we are friendly. We are no-nonsense but you will always go away with a smile on your face and lots of learning outcomes.  People tell us that we do more than we need to.

Our Client List

Do I need to play golf or like it?

The simple answer is "No". You don't have to play golf or even like it because the programmes are as effective for golfers as they are for non-golfers. Around 85% of our delegates are non-golfers


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